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Birthdate:Aug 7
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Info Blast: Grew up in Oklahoma and moved to Phoenix 10 years ago. Attended undergrad at the University of Oklahoma and completed my Masters at Arizona State. I've worked at McDonald's, a party supply store, grocery store, college library, college IT department, ERP software development company and now internal software development and support for a major semiconductor company. Professional background in software development\support and databases. Currently expanding into project and IT resource (not people) management since I spent a year getting my MS in it and it's fun.

I've been to Germany (Trier, Munich, Koln, Berlin, Potsdam, Bernkastel and others), Luxembourg, Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium (Brussels), England (London), Iceland, Costa Rica, St. Martin and St. Thomas. I don't count Canada and Mexico. :)

I like problem solving and digging into the guts of code and configuration to get things working. Or hacking code to make it work like how I want it to work. I think it's the 'ah hah' rush of the moment I dig.

I like gadgets, tech, new software or hardware and like toys to play with. Takes me right back to childhood when things were simpler (and cheaper). I still play with LEGO from time to time and get a little set every Christmas still from my family. May that tradition never sunset!

I like putting on my suit to go out for a nice dinner. I like wine and prefer reds to whites. A little dry is okay for me. I like going to art galleries to stare at a painting and try to understand WHY I like it or hate it. I don't spend time trying to understand what the artist's intentions were, what they were trying to convey in this piece or what it says about some element of society crying out in pain. Screw that. I'm looking at it so it's about what it means to ME.

I love putting on my leathers, throwing a leg over my Harley and taking off for a few hours to ride the highways. I like the wind in my hair, the feeling of freedom and lack of enclosure. To move through the world and feel a part of the world.

I like taking my D50 out and snapping hundreds of pictures only to go back to my office and delete half the mess. I enjoy tweaking them in Photoshop for post-prod corrections and toying with HDR merging. There is something perversely entertaining about standing before a subject adjusting ISO, white balance, shutter and aperture speeds to make it just right.

I'm OCD. To what degree depends largely on stress or how occupied the back of my mind is. The more the worse but always a little. Counting, checking and symmetry are the primary compulsions I've recognized. Sometimes I really hate restaurants that have the little container of sweetener packets (usually some combination of pink, blue, yellow and white) on the table that look like they were refilled by a color-blind illiterate with palsy. Or a breakfast place with the columns of jellies on a trendle! Usually I can keep it confined to my own space\sphere of influence. But more than once has someone caught me "fixing" something of theirs so I don't know. Yes, it is sometimes very frustrating to notice I'm doing these things or feel the compulsion and associated anxiety if I try to resist. No, I am not under any sort of treatment and refuse to try.

I hate talking about myself. So I'm done.
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