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Jeremy ([personal profile] icabaud) wrote2009-07-18 02:17 pm
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Apple Aggravation

 My iPhone was working just fine on Friday. Had checked my mail earlier and went back to my phone to make a call barely 10 minutes later. Was greeted with a wonderful message saying I could not send or receive calls and had to do a restore through iTunes. Got me upset but not a huge deal since I frequently sync for my music\movies. Well, I got home a half hour ago and tried to restore. It continually fails and gives me an error code or complains about my SIM card. Basically, it's telling me my less than three month old phone is now a brick. Less than a year ago I had to take my Apple TV in because it also turned belly up. I had thought that Apple products were pretty solid. But this makes two of their devices in a years time that have turned to piles of expensive junk.

Needless to say, I'll now think twice before ever buying something from them again. That or I should really start buying lottery tickets because I'm a statistical anomaly.

On the upside, Apple service this afternoon was equally great. They replaced my phone with zero hassle after making their best attempt to restore it for me.

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