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Jeremy ([personal profile] icabaud) wrote2009-03-27 03:54 pm
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Making Space

 After spending probably way too much time typing up my basic bio, finally down to writing my first entry in my planned to be new home.

Liking what I see so far. Clean and logical interface - stuff is where I expect it to be when I go to hunt down a profile or account setting. Easy to navigate around from reading to posting to profiles without screen clutter which is different than "clean and logical interface" as I said earlier. Only hit one error when I tried to go customize profile style but oh well. It's not April 30th yet. :) I'll be making it a point to come back here more to test out other links, type up more entries, upload a userpic and take things through their paces. Haven't seen anything I dislike thus far. Not that I expect to from my boy Blue!